• Official Garena Bangladesh Shop

    Official Garena Bangladesh Shop
    Buy Garena Items with Taka; No Credit-Card Required

    Price List

    1 Month Gold Membership 300tk
    3 Months Gold Membership 900tk
    6 Months Gold Membership 1700tk
    1 Year Gold Membership 3000tk
    Clan Creation Pass Code 500tk
    Name Changer 500tk

    You can also visit http://shop.garena.com to find out about all the current items available.

    How to Buy
    You have to pay the money by sending money to my bank account:
    • Riasat Al Jamil, A/C: 118 210 2002 7695, Prime Bank Limited.
    Please follow these steps:
    1. Go to ANY branch of Prime Bank or DBBL
      Prime Bank Branch List and Locations Dhaka Chittagong Rajshahi Khulna Sylhet Barisal
    2. Ask for a deposit slip
    3. Write down the account number (given above)
    4. Submit the slip in the counter along with the cash
    After you've done everything above, contact me.
    I will send you the Item/Shells as soon as I can confirm the deposit you made.


    Ok, I paid the money, got item, now what?
    After you pay the money, i will send the item(s) to you. Then:
    • Log in here.
    • Go here.
    • Select your item
    • use the item.
    Help. I can not log in to Garena Shop (above links)!
    Garena Shop does not support Google Chrome. Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer.
    If you have any inquiry/questions, please ask here.

    - CvP
    Official Garena Retailer
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