• Death To Spies-Moment of truth Review

    Death To Spies-Moment of Truth

    Moment of Truth is an apt subtitle for this stealthy sequel to 2007's Death to Spies--because every move you make is, indeed, a moment of truth. Leaving a corpse where it can be seen, getting caught picking a lock, and sometimes just walking into the wrong room can mean sudden death in this incredibly challenging third-person sneaker. Yet when every bungled deed can lead to an untimely demise, success is all the more rewarding, because while oft-amazing AI makes tiptoeing about highly difficult, the action doesn't usually feel unfair. That doesn't mean, however, that every death feels appropriate. There are occasions in Moment of Truth when gameplay contrivances and a lack of information lead you right to the grim reaper's front door, and you are powerless to avoid his scythe. Nevertheless, there's a satisfying ebb and flow to the game, where long periods of tension are relieved in a single sigh when you accomplish an important objective.

    Advantages and useful Features:

    • Third-person stealth action, which reveals the activities of the most mysterious counterintelligence service of World War II.
    • Different types of missions based on real historical facts and declassified data on special operations of the military counterintelligence
    • Full scope of various special service officer tricks like sneaking, throwing knives, silent elimination of enemies, detraction of enemy’s attention, picking locks, setting mines and traps, discreet observation and surveying and many others
    • Use various vehicles including cars and motorcycles
    • Tense, challenging sneaking
    • The AI is amazing when guns aren't involved
    • Great level layouts let you approach obstacles in different ways.

    Bad types:

    • The AI breaks down when the action heats up
    • The game doesn't always give you enough information
    • Incredibly high level of difficulty can lead to frustration.

    Here are some screenshots from game:

    My Rating goes this way:

    Gameplay:9.3/10[They who are interested in military features will get interest in this game]
    Graphics :9/10
    Difficulty: 8.6/10

    Overall: 8.2/10

    GS Rating :7.2/10 [for extreme difficulty]
    IGN Rating: 8/10
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    1. LynAs's Avatar
      LynAs -
      good review expect better
      but game ta joss indeed
      this game is not popular here dont know why
    1. saurav's Avatar
      saurav -
      eita kemne joss hoilo?
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