• Game Review: Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

    Game: Tom Clancy's HAWX
    Publisher: Ubisoft
    Genre: Flight-Action

    Pc is the home to countless awesome Flight-Simulator Games. But unfortunately simulation games aren't for everybody. Many of us prefer the accessibility of arcade games. But there have been very few Arcade Flight Action game on PC. The king of Arcade Flight-action, Ace Combat, has never been released on PC. So PC gamers rejoiced when Ubisoft announced Tom Clancy's Hawx. And they rightly did, as the game's introductory screenshots featured uber-realistic graphics with meticulously detailed aircrafts. I was particularly interested because Ubisoft has teamed up with a Geoeye to capture popular locations to arrange dog-fights over them! Being a Google Earth Addict, flying over ultra-realistic LA, Washington D.C. and other popular cities almost seemed too good to be true to me. I was also interested to see how this compares to Ace Combat. So let’s get into the game.....

    Story: The story is pretty simple, straightforward and uninteresting in my opinion. You are an Ex-USAF ace pilot currently employed at PMC (Private Military Company) Artemis. In turn of event Artemis attacks on US soil. So you switch back to USAF and help US win. TADA!! Yep the story is pretty dull. It features some twist at some places. But the whole thing is too predictable. The story telling is dull and the cut scenes are boring. Voice acting and lip-synching is inaccurate.

    Graphics: Hawx sports the awesome graphics. The aircrafts are a thing of beauty. The cities look almost real from the skies. Texture can get blurry when you are too close to the ground but you are not supposed to be that close to the ground!! The explosions look pretty good. The smoke effects are amazing. Especially in the Assistance-Off mode (where camera goes to a cinematic view to show the action completely) the game looks too good. The missile smokes, volumetric clouds, explosions, rush of wind around your aircraft etc look pretty damn amazing. Every aircraft has a detailed cockpit. But the flight-stick movement can’t be observed. This is a minor thing. But Ubisoft should have designed this as well. Hawx supports Directx 9, 10 and 10.1. Graphical Difference between Dx9 and Dx10 is noticeable but not huge. Dx10.1 only adds some performance modifications (which I failed to determine). The game has a lot of graphics customization options. So if you have a low-end pc, you have options to tweak and find the best combination. Overall Hawx is a stunningly gorgeous piece of work.

    Sound: The audio of the game is good enough. Aircraft sounds are good. And the sonic boom you hear when you cross sound-barrier is good too. The soundtrack isn’t too inspiring. The game would have been much better if it had a stronger soundtrack. But overall the sound complements the game nicely.

    Gameplay: This is where Hawx shines. Be sure to play with a dual-analog-gamepad or joystick. Or else you won’t get any fun out of it. Dog-fighting and taking out enemies by out-skilling and out-smarting them never gets old! The game has a nice pace. It doesn’t get boring. It has a nice experience-level-up system which rates you according to your fighting-skills. Most missions are similar but some offers different challenges to keep things interesting. And you get new Aircrafts for each level you achieve. Playing with new aircraft is always fun. I have some complaints about A.I. teammates though. They are, in most cases, useless. You can command them to attack or defend. The game has a feature called E.R.S. I recommend everyone not to use it. E.R.S. takes all the fun out of the game. Assistance-Off mode is a must if you want to be in one piece. The game has about 40-50 aircrafts for you to enjoy. Here's a list and how to get-em:

    * A-10A Thunderbolt II - Beat Mission 16
    * A-6A Intruder - Attain Level 07
    * A-7B Corsair II - Attain Level 03
    * AV-8B Harrier II - Attain Level 08
    * EA-6B Prowler - Attain Level 13
    * EF-111A RAVEN - Attain Level 04
    * Eurofighter Typhoon - Beat Mission 14
    * F-117 Nighthawk - Beat Mission 13
    * F-14A Tomcat - Beat Mission 08
    * F-14B Bombcat - Beat Mission 12
    * F-14D SuperTomcat - Attain Level 24
    * F-15 Active - Beat Mission 04
    * F-15C Eagle - Beat Mission 10
    * F-15E StrikeEagle - Attain Level 25
    * F-16A Fighting Falcon - Beat Mission 09
    * F-16C Fighting Falcon - Attain Level 30
    * F-2 - Attain Level 06
    * F-20 Tigershark - Attain Level 11
    * F-22 Raptor - Beat Mission 17
    * F-4G AdvancedWildWeasel - Beat Mission 02
    * F-5A Freedom Fighter - Attain Level 05
    * F-5E Tiger II - Attain Level 15
    * F35 JSF - Beat Mission 19
    * FA-18 RC - Attain Level 12
    * FA-18C Hornet - Attain Level 27
    * FA-18E SuperHornet - Beat Mission 11
    * Jaguar - Attain Level 22
    * Mig-25 Foxbat - Attain Level 02
    * Mig-29 Fulcrum - Beat Mission 03
    * Mig-33 SuperFulcrum - Beat Mission 07
    * MIRAGE 2000 C - Attain Level 09
    * MIRAGE 2000-5 - Attain Level 23
    * MIRAGE 5 - Beat Mission 06
    * MIRAGE F1 - Attain Level 14
    * MIRAGE III - Attain Level 21
    * MIRAGE IV P - Attain Level 16
    * Rafale C - Beat Mission 15
    * Saab-35 Draken
    * Saab-39 Gripen - Attain Level 33
    * Su-25 Frogfoot - Beat Mission 01
    * Su-27 Flanker - Beat Mission 05
    * Su-32 FN - Attain Level 26
    * Su-34 Fullback - Attain Level 32
    * Su-35 SuperFlanker - Attain Level 34
    * Su-37 Terminator - Attain Level 36
    * Su-47 Berkut - Attain Level 40
    * X-29 - Attain Level 31
    * XA-20 Razorback - Level 22
    * YF-12A - Attain Level 17
    * YF-17 Cobra - Beat Mission 18
    * YF-23 Black Widow II - Attain Level 35[/td]

    Comments: One problem is that, Hawx is almost too arcadey. There is very little difference between different planes. And planes can easily overcome laws of physics. Play it in hard mode or elite if you want the game to be challenging. The game has about 19 missions. It shouldn’t take more than 4-5 hours to finish. Hawx is a game with much replayability. It’s always fun to replay a mission with different aircrafts and trying out different maneuvers. And flying over these realistic cities never gets old. It’s especially fun to try stunts -going through buildings in cities!! -Stalling out and recovering at the last moment and taking out couple of bogies while doing it!! You'll have plenty of missiles. After you're done with A.I. you can play co-op with your friends or fight them in versus mode.

    Conclusion: Although Hawx doesn’t have a good story, the gameplay alone is enough to keep a player hooked. The game is great in its own rights but not enough so to topple Ace Combat. But I'm sure gamers will love flying these beautiful beasts on the skies of popular cities.

    Graphics: 9
    Presentation: 7
    Gameplay: 8.5
    Sound: 8
    Story: 5
    Replayability: 9

    Overall: 7.7
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