• Internet Explorer 9: Sneak Peak

    Microsoft has just released the first IE9 Preview. Powered with a new engine "Chakra", it really packs some punch.
    Just try it out yourself; Download here.
    Install and start to go to IE9 Platform demo site. Check out these demos and see what IE has become.

    Personally, I'm absolutely loving how it is shaping up esp the developer tools section (press F12).
    Not to mention excellent support for HTML5 and CSS3.
    Here's a javascript bechmark:

    From IE Blog:
    You’ll notice that IE9 is faster at this benchmark than IE8 and several other browsers. It’s interesting to note that the difference between today’s IE9 preview and the browsers to its right in this graph. It takes about 70 seconds to identify a 300ms difference between browsers.
    As we continue to make IE9’s script engine faster for real world sites, IE will continue to become faster at this particular benchmark as well. To date we’ve done very little specific tuning for Webkit Sunspider. As with most benchmarks, depending on your machine, the differences may vary.
    The performance you experience browsing actual websites often has less to do with JavaScript than with other subsystems in the browser. For example, some sites spend more of their time in laying out the page or rendering it than running script. The first chart in this blog post from the Professional Developers Conference illustrates this with data. Today’s PCs have specialized hardware to accelerate graphics performance. IE9 uses that widely available hardware to speed up all text and graphics rendering on webpages and make webpages faster.
    To improve JavaScript performance even more, Chakra does something quite different from other script engines today. It has a separate background thread for compiling JavaScript. Windows runs that thread in parallel on a separate core when one is available. Compiling in the background enables users to keep interacting with webpages while IE generates even faster code. By running separately in the background, this process can take advantage of today’s multi-core machines – so, users with a Core2Duo or QuadCore or i7 can apply that power to making webpages faster without any additional effort.
    Developers get the performance benefits of modern PC hardware without having to change anything on their sites. Users simply wait less and interact more, like a native program. This design enables better performance for the web development patterns that occur on many real world sites. The key here is bringing the best technology available to most important language you use, JavaScript.
    Please keep in mind that this preview is aimed at web developers; not general users.
    So, don't expect something like Chrome beta.
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    1. jigsaw's Avatar
      jigsaw -
      I will test it out. I hope it has what MS says.
    1. Upal-de-choosen1™'s Avatar
      Upal-de-choosen1™ -
      Um gonna try it .....
    1. Deep -xCross-'s Avatar
      Deep -xCross- -
      If you're still using IE because it's what was installed with windows we urge you to try one of the above browsers.
    1. CvP's Avatar
      CvP -
      Quote Originally Posted by xCross View Post
      If you're still using IE because it's what was installed with windows we urge you to try one of the above browsers.
      quoting something stupid makes you a stupid.
    1. Deep -xCross-'s Avatar
      Deep -xCross- -
      Quote Originally Posted by CvP View Post
      quoting something stupid makes you a stupid.
      thats not stupid.. thats the fact..
    1. aniskhan001's Avatar
      aniskhan001 -
      I use the IE9, really it's amazing!
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