• Intel Tones Down Stock CPU Cooler for LGA 775 Processors

    Intel Tones Down Stock CPU Cooler for LGA 775 Processors Further

    Intel has come up with a new design for its Fan Heat-sink Assembly (FHSA) it bundles with some (presumably dual-core) boxed socket LGA-775 processors. The new design aims at making it slightly more cost-effective by reducing the metal content, and trying to compensate with a more turbulent airflow design. While the forked aluminum fins in the old design project spirally from the base, in the new design they project radially. The CPU contact base is slightly smaller, and leveled to the fins. Changes as listed by Intel are as follows:

    • A slightly smaller impeller (fan speed is increased because of this but noise output stays the same)
    • Fan shroud hub diameter increased (from 34mm to 40mm) due to modifications to fan electronics
    • Heatsink fins will be straight (as opposed to curved as they are now)
    • The heatsink will be a bit more compact (height decreased from 18.9 mm to 18.47mm)

    The new FHSA should be bundled with the latest stocks of Intel processors in the LGA 775 package. They should just about keep the processors running within recommended temperatures at stock clock speeds.

    <small>Source: techpowerup</small>
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    1. AmareX's Avatar
      AmareX -
      Still looks crappy!!
    1. jigsaw's Avatar
      jigsaw -
      So thin ! My AMD Stock coolers height is more than double of it.
    1. nahiyanm's Avatar
      nahiyanm -
      intel aar kaaj kaam pacche na.
    1. Dissent's Avatar
      Dissent -
      Doesn't matter what they do, their stock coolers will always be CRAP!
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