• ESM Spring DotA Tournament

    A DotA tournament will be hosted on the second week of February 2011, to improve the competitive DotA scene of Bangladesh. ESM has come up with many DotA tournament earlier but now it comes, with a brand new name. To attract increased number of participants, ESM has decided to lower the standard tournament entry fees which is usually 300taka for the convenience of gamers who live far away from the venue. Even the prize money has been maximized to a great deal, by sponsoring the cafe's rent only for the development of competitive DotA in Bangladesh by ESM. All kinds of teams are highly encouraged to participate even if they are newbies or amateurs.

    Tournament Information:-

    11th and 12th of February (Friday and Saturday)
    Venue: 360 Gaming Cafe, Bashundhara Residential Area
    Entry Fees: 250taka per person (for sub extra 150taka)
    Tournament Format: Double-Elimination Format

    Last Date of Registration: 10th February 2011

    Prize Money: Champions- 55% of total entry fees
    Runners Up- 23% of total entry fees
    2nd Runners Up- 12% of total entry fees

    Game Information:-

    Map: DotA-Allstars v6.71b
    Rules: General DotA rules, you can do anything as long as the game allows you to do, Bug abuse is strictly discouraged and it might lead you to get disqualified or an auto loss.

    Invited Teams:-

    BB(Mainman's Team)
    Centu's Team
    Chicken-Warrior's Team

    Contact: 01937673296 - Saddam for registration
    01676465882 - for any queries or information about the game or rules
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    1. Chicken-Warrior's Avatar
      Chicken-Warrior -
      WTF is Chicken-Warrior's Team ... ... pls rename to AiR (Am I Retard) ... hats off to ESM for organising the tournament ... best of luck!
    1. acE.Shanny's Avatar
      acE.Shanny -
      Am I retard? O_o Nice name and isn't seventh_ace in Am I Retard?
    1. _Switchfoot_'s Avatar
      _Switchfoot_ -
      :O ... very nice ... i better stick to WoW ... thnx for the invite anyway
    1. SP.Sn4k3y-'s Avatar
      SP.Sn4k3y- -
      Tournament dates changed to 10-11 February 2011
    1. SP2|ICE.ROBOT's Avatar
      SP2|ICE.ROBOT -
      wei wei wei Thursday Y Y Y??? DONT MAN
    1. acE.Shanny's Avatar
      acE.Shanny -
      -_-" Thursday koira laav ki hoilo T_T
    1. saddam's Avatar
      saddam -
      actually sunday te ssc exam ase tai thursday te date dewa hoise btw participating teams please confirm ur registrations
    1. SP.Sn4k3y-'s Avatar
      SP.Sn4k3y- -
      Since a lot of teams have problems on thursday the tournament is on Friday and Saturday
      11-12 february
    1. SP.Sn4k3y-'s Avatar
      SP.Sn4k3y- -
      Respected teams please confirm your participation by calling me
    1. SP.Sn4k3y-'s Avatar
      SP.Sn4k3y- -
      So far 10 teams have been confirmed and all the teams should report in Warzone 360 Gaming cafe, perfectly by 11 am ...

      see you all in 360 Gaming Cafe tomorrow @ 360 Gaming Cafe
    1. seventh_ace's Avatar
      seventh_ace -
      Congratz to ES for winning the ESM Spring DotA Tournament
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